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As a Voyager family, we attach great importance to the research and development of shoes to meet your needs.

In its new facilities, Ar-Ge is doing what it takes to provide better service to your valued customers and strives to produce a comfortable product for you.

1) Animal skin is cut artificially from the fabric or the island in a manner appropriate to the number of shoes and undercoat.
2) The parts that are forming the counter are lined with the liner.
3) Lace holes are opening at this stage. Numerical and model embossings are also made on the inner surface of the shoe.
4) Heels are also made with inner and outer sole parts.
5) It is stretched on top of the multi-layer which is formed by inserting the parts, then it is sewn to the inner base and attached to the base with nails.
6) The base and insole must be held to the permanent shape until the end.
7) In the base stage, the outsole is combined with the count. This process can be done by sewing, nailing, nailing, applying a few of them to your choice.
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